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Welcome to the website of renowned author Debbie Ellis.

Debbie writes imaginative and insightful romantic fiction books. We invite you to pull up a comfortable chair and explore her writings. Debbie is one of the most imaginative minds of our time. Once you pick up one of her books, you can’t put it down. They are infectious!  You will become an instant fan.

About (Biography)

Debbie Ellis was born and raised in Florida and spent her early years reading books, usually about horses. Some of her favorite books were written by Walter Farley. Ever since her earliest days, she loved storytelling. Debbie spent summers taking care of her younger siblings, using imagination to keep them busy. She vividly remembers listening to the radio and thinking of stories to write that would complement the songs she listened to.

In 1992, Debbie left Florida to move to Washington State. She studied Italian, business, and humanities as a student at a local college. However, she could not escape the allure of storytelling and quickly began studying to become a novelist. She began by reading every chance she had, from classical literature to contemporary women's fiction novels.

Debbie’s love of storytelling was irrepressible. She wrote for a short time but life constantly seemed to get in the way. She continued to dream of other stories, hoping to get them published someday.

Debbie left Washington State before earning her degree. However, she eventually completed a degree in radiologic science at Northern Oklahoma College. She works as a radiologic technologist but is continuing on the path to publishing her novels and screenplays.

Through various experiences and years of observing others, “I became a student of life,” she recalls. She currently lives in Edmond, OK with her husband and two grown children. Her first piece copyrighted back in 2003. With the advancement of technology, she was able to self-publish her works on,,,, and

Always For You

Never Mine

It's Always Been You

Miss Conception

Love Conquers All